Scully’s shoes

One thing I will never understand about the character of Dana Scully is her shoes. For me they are a total contradiction to her character. Below I will write why I think that as a character she would not wear them.

Kill Switch
Scully fighting in heels

As an FBI agent she is always on her feet and chasing after criminals. Or in her case supernatural or alien ones. She does not always wear heels thank goodness at least she has the sense to wear walking boots for hiking through woods. Nonetheless there are constant images of her and Mulder chasing people with her in heels. She even scales fences in them. Now as a doctor she would know that heels are bad for her feet. She would also know as she is a sensible and intelligent woman that she would most likely fall over in them when chasing criminals. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with wearing heels but seriously if you were on your feet all day they would be really uncomfortable. Also you would probably injure yourself if you were doing the activities she does.

See the source image
Her in heels again

Now onto my second reason why I do not believe she would wear heels. Scully dresses very seriously mostly in double breasted suits for the earlier seasons and later single breasted. This shows her personality as a serious nerdy professional. In contrast to Mulder’s floppy gelled hair and silly ties which show his spooky, emotional conspiracy theorist personality. However on her feet are high heels which for me are a little at odds with her serious image. I mean Mulder is more likely to wear them than she is as they would go well with his personality. I have also seen real female police officers wearing flat but smart shoes why can they not do that with her?

Another thing is also why is there such a focus on Scully’s wardrobe? I never got the impression that she was that interested in fashion and definitely not shoes. Excepting in wearing her hair neatly styled and occasionally dressing up nicely for going out. She is not Carrie Bradshaw with her huge collection of expensive shoes. I suppose the change in her costume is probably that they wanted to show her changes from a sceptic to a believer.

See the source image
Now she’s wearing stilettos

It could perhaps be that the show’s creators feel that to appeal to men sexually she has to wear silly shoes and be transformed in appearance. This is as the ones in the show who are sexualised are the men. However I mean is it not possible to find a woman attractive without her wearing heels and changing her wardrobe constantly. Another theory is that if they had more female writers that they would be far less focus on her costume. I think I would be more ok with it if Mulder’s costume was changed a little through the series. The only thing that seems to change is that his hair is either jelled or scuffed up at the front or at other times worn naturally.

Here is a clip of her fighting in heels from the episode the Kill Switch

Also here below is a link I found to a blog devoted to Scully’s shoes:


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