Why we do not need a Buffy Reboot

When I heard about the idea of a Buffy reboot I had very mixed thoughts. I applaud the idea of Buffy being played by a black actor as Buffy was a very white show and TV is still unfortunately very white. However a reboot is so typical of American TV and below I will discuss why having a Buffy Reboot is not a good idea.


the original scoobies
The Original Scoobies

Firstly cannot American TV think of a new idea about a young woman who slays vampires who is Black, Asian or another ethnic minority who is not white. Or maybe a middle aged woman who hunts vampires who is not white. Or even better pick a non-white writer to write a new idea about vampires or the supernatural with non- white leads. TV is already full of recycled ideas and what we need are new fresh ideas not ones that have been done before. Anyway reboots are only done because the original idea made lots of money.

buffy the wish.jpg

Reboots are also not always of good quality and can ruin the legacy of a show that was originally very good. For example the X Files just like Buffy has had a huge influence on Popular Culture and is a great show. The reboot however is terrible. For example it did awful things to the character of Scully. Don’t get me started on the alien pregnancy violation. Also some of the episodes are so awful that they made me cringe. This has now created a mixed legacy for the show. I have the feeling this might be the same for Buffy too.

scully and mulder.png
Scully and Mulder

Therefore although I applaud them for wanting to widen diversity, the idea of a reboot should be ditched completely and something new should be done instead. Or current shows should make an effort to cast more non- white actors. Or in the future TV Shows should seriously consider colour blind casting to make them more diverse.