Scully’s shoes

One thing I will never understand about the character of Dana Scully is her shoes. For me they are a total contradiction to her character. Below I will write why I think that as a character she would not wear them.

Kill Switch
Scully fighting in heels

As an FBI agent she is always on her feet and chasing after criminals. Or in her case supernatural or alien ones. She does not always wear heels thank goodness at least she has the sense to wear walking boots for hiking through woods. Nonetheless there are constant images of her and Mulder chasing people with her in heels. She even scales fences in them. Now as a doctor she would know that heels are bad for her feet. She would also know as she is a sensible and intelligent woman that she would most likely fall over in them when chasing criminals. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with wearing heels but seriously if you were on your feet all day they would be really uncomfortable. Also you would probably injure yourself if you were doing the activities she does.

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Her in heels again

Now onto my second reason why I do not believe she would wear heels. Scully dresses very seriously mostly in double breasted suits for the earlier seasons and later single breasted. This shows her personality as a serious nerdy professional. In contrast to Mulder’s floppy gelled hair and silly ties which show his spooky, emotional conspiracy theorist personality. However on her feet are high heels which for me are a little at odds with her serious image. I mean Mulder is more likely to wear them than she is as they would go well with his personality. I have also seen real female police officers wearing flat but smart shoes why can they not do that with her?

Another thing is also why is there such a focus on Scully’s wardrobe? I never got the impression that she was that interested in fashion and definitely not shoes. Excepting in wearing her hair neatly styled and occasionally dressing up nicely for going out. She is not Carrie Bradshaw with her huge collection of expensive shoes. I suppose the change in her costume is probably that they wanted to show her changes from a sceptic to a believer.

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Now she’s wearing stilettos

It could perhaps be that the show’s creators feel that to appeal to men sexually she has to wear silly shoes and be transformed in appearance. This is as the ones in the show who are sexualised are the men. However I mean is it not possible to find a woman attractive without her wearing heels and changing her wardrobe constantly. Another theory is that if they had more female writers that they would be far less focus on her costume. I think I would be more ok with it if Mulder’s costume was changed a little through the series. The only thing that seems to change is that his hair is either jelled or scuffed up at the front or at other times worn naturally.

Here is a clip of her fighting in heels from the episode the Kill Switch

Also here below is a link I found to a blog devoted to Scully’s shoes:


Why we do not need a Buffy Reboot

When I heard about the idea of a Buffy reboot I had very mixed thoughts. I applaud the idea of Buffy being played by a black actor as Buffy was a very white show and TV is still unfortunately very white. However a reboot is so typical of American TV and below I will discuss why having a Buffy Reboot is not a good idea.


the original scoobies
The Original Scoobies

Firstly cannot American TV think of a new idea about a young woman who slays vampires who is Black, Asian or another ethnic minority who is not white. Or maybe a middle aged woman who hunts vampires who is not white. Or even better pick a non-white writer to write a new idea about vampires or the supernatural with non- white leads. TV is already full of recycled ideas and what we need are new fresh ideas not ones that have been done before. Anyway reboots are only done because the original idea made lots of money.

buffy the wish.jpg

Reboots are also not always of good quality and can ruin the legacy of a show that was originally very good. For example the X Files just like Buffy has had a huge influence on Popular Culture and is a great show. The reboot however is terrible. For example it did awful things to the character of Scully. Don’t get me started on the alien pregnancy violation. Also some of the episodes are so awful that they made me cringe. This has now created a mixed legacy for the show. I have the feeling this might be the same for Buffy too.

scully and mulder.png
Scully and Mulder

Therefore although I applaud them for wanting to widen diversity, the idea of a reboot should be ditched completely and something new should be done instead. Or current shows should make an effort to cast more non- white actors. Or in the future TV Shows should seriously consider colour blind casting to make them more diverse.



Ghouli: better than My Struggle 3 but not as good as the original ones.

It started like a typical X File case, where two teenage girls shot each other on a ship and did not know each other. However Scully at the same time has visions where she sees the same ship in a snow globe. Therefore she knows instantly where to go. The two girls also apparently have the same boyfriend called Jackson Van De Kamp who had them believe that they were attacked by a monster called Ghouli. He did this by using his psychic powers to make them see what he wanted them to. Ghouli is actually a website that is about a fake monster which he created. Scully and Mulder know of course that Jackson is William. Unfortunately when they go to his house they hear shots fired and the Van De Kamp family are all dead including William. Or apparently so. Scully is devastated by the “death” of her son. She reveals to his apparent dead body that she is actually his mother and that she wishes she had not given him up. Nonetheless the next time she checks the body bag he is missing. Much to her relief William is alive but is being hunted by agents of the DOD who earlier followed Mulder and Scully. Can William escape from the DOD and will Scully have a proper reunion with her son? Also who is William’s father: CSM or Mulder?

mulder and scully.jpg
This episode was certainly better than My Struggle 3. It had a good mix of action and dialogue with some witty lines. In this episode yes again Scully was having visions but she managed to be rational and not a damsel in distress. It was also interesting to see and meet William properly although I am not sure I liked the way he two timed those girls and manipulated them. I did however like his powers. Perhaps Dana has a weaker form of them as she also has visions.

scully with snow globe.png
Scully and Mulder reactions to his “death” were also interesting. Anderson had a very emotional scene which made me cry. It is so sad that Scully could not raise her son and you felt for her as she clearly thought that giving him up was the best thing she could do to protect him. She had nonetheless missed 17ish years of his life. I hope she gets a nice mother son scene with him. Mulder’s reaction was little odd, as I expected him to show more emotion about William’s “death”. He barely reacted at all. I mean this is meant to be his son. It seemed more like he was reacting to how you would react to the death of unknown relative. Well actually that could be true as CSM has suggested that he is William’s father.
Skinner this episode. What is he doing? CSM is clearly manipulating him. We still have to find out what he apparently agreed with CSM. William B Davis was good as CSM with his usual only care about himself attitude although I am not still sure when his end of the world plan will actually start. It is interesting that William’s DNA might be the cure. Perhaps he will sacrifice himself to save mankind or maybe since Scully also has alien DNA she might have to. I hope not. Please not Scully.

There were not really any Mulder and Scully moments this week apart from him hugging her several times but I do I think really Mulder’s first priority is Scully then William. I suppose because he has not seen him in ages and he also may be his half-brother and not his father. Scully’s is clearly William then Mulder but I wonder what she would do if Mulder’s life was put at risk. Or if she had to choose between her son and the love of her life. I would imagine it would be very hard for her to choose. There has still been no kissing but I have seen the mid- season trailer and she seems to be leaning into kiss him in a church. First I thought they were getting married but after watching it a second time they were certainly not doing that. Also I am not sure marriage is for Mr and Mrs Spooky .
Overall I would give this episode 3.5 stars. It is not good as the old ones and is rather confusing but is better than others before. Next week’s episode looks odd but still I will give it a try.

Here is the trailer for the last two episodes: